There is no denying that the real estate model is changing rapidly.  Online service providers and massive national sites are attempting to cut into the local real estate business.  Unfortunately, if the local agent is not willing to accept the trends and compete on the same level, they may find themselves wondering where the buyers and sellers went.


Rather than fight the trends, Showoff.com an innovative technology marketing company embraces them, giving agents a powerful new competitive edge never seen before. Showoff Design Exchange (SDX) is causing excitement in the industry as it brings together;

  • Functionality of IDX

  • Marketing finesse of professional staging

  • Purchase power of online retailers 

  • Engagement of a popular fixer-upper TV show

into one dynamic, interactive experience.

Step inside the SDX to see why buyers and sellers benefit from Showoff SDX.

Utilizing a beautifully designed widget, SDX delivers in-depth property listing information, similar to the familiar MLS searches on real estate sites to date.

However, it then allows a consumer to virtually renovate, remodel or landscape the home right on their screen, utilizing image recognition, AI, 3D visualization applications, and augmented reality.

SDX displays a portfolio of photos and listings uploaded by the Realtor that includes the property details.  As buyers browse homes, they can populate their favorite listings with furniture, landscaping or decor from over thousands of products.


"One-Click" capability instantly transforms an element. For instance, with a click of the mouse they will be able to change the flooring or upgrade the cabinets; taking a nice listing and turning it into their dream home.

​​​Showoff SDX (Disguised as a widget) is a searchable property makeover tool that is a simple add-on to your digital platform. The widget which drives the program is easy to install, can be used on company websites, individual agent pages and social media pages - as is a powerhouse lead generation tool. 

Consumers are so intrigued with the functionality of the program, that SDX is one of the best SEO tools to come along in years - keeping potential customers on your site for far longer than ever before.


Brokers are using SDX as one of their prime recruiting tools.  Top area agents recognize immediately the incremental value and service that the application brings to their client base - and how it will radically differentiate them in the new online real estate marketplace.


You’ll love SDX Widget on social media -- a simple add-on to your existing digital platforms that lets home buyers virtually remodel and decorate properties, even before viewing.

When clients experience a home’s potential, they engage more actively on your website and Facebook. You have the tools you need to capture more high-quality leads and match them with the perfect home.

See for yourself


Create a dynamic online presence and marketing platform for attracting and interacting with more prospective buyers, sellers, renters and home-oriented consumers, resulting in more listings and buy/sell transactions.


Show worried sellers how their home’s blemishes can be transformed into possibilities. Older furniture, dirty carpets or an out-of-date kitchen?


With machine learning and virtual reality, prospective buyers can look past these flaws and create a home they love. Other agents aren’t using this technology yet, giving you a powerful competitive advantage in a crowded market.

Capture More Leads

Increase traffic with a live feed of listings in your area. Clients can search with Google Maps or explore luxury, lifestyle, newly built or resale homes.


To view a home’s details, Showoff Widget asks site visitors to provide their contact information, which is then sent directly to you.

Overcome Objections Faster

Overcome objections on the spot during walk through and open houses. Instead of telling your clients about renovation and remodeling possibilities, show them in seconds with our mobile tool.


Change the flooring, window treatments, paint colors, landscaping, roofing and more in the palm of your hand. Help buyers reach a decision faster by experiencing a home’s potential.